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Mothers matter too

"A healthy baby is all that matters."

I cringe when I hear this expression. 

Yes- a healthy baby is very exciting but pregnancy and birth is so much more than that.

Mothers matter too.

I photographed my first birth in February 2021. After documenting my dear friend's birth and witnessing her birth her baby so beautifully at home- I knew that my soul belongs in the birth space. I worked as a birth worker apprentice for the next year. During my apprenticeship I earned my doula certification, photographed more births, and even started working with birth videography.
My passion is supporting women throughout this beautiful, messy, rewarding journey called "motherhood" & documenting it along the way. As a doula I hold space for mothers. I guide and support women through pregnancy, labor, birth, & postpartum. 
No matter where a mother chooses to birth she has the right to make empowered decisions about her body and her baby. It is my goal to help women and their families advocate for themselves and the decisions they have made. I strive to support families emotionally during pregnancy & labor to help aid a positive birth experience.

The Montana birth collective


In 2022 Wild Ember Birth & I teamed up to create The Montana Birth Collective.


Providing birthing families evidence-based information, allowing them the opportunity to make educated decisions around pregnancy, birth, postpartum and newborn care. Supporting women in the decisions they make around their bodies and birth. Documenting birth stories to aid birth processing. Sharing birth imagery to normalize all variations of birth and highlight options for families in the birthing time. Raising money to support birth choices in the State of Montana, particularly in rural areas. Supporting access to doulas and birth photography through need-based grants. Advocating for informed choice, evidence-based care and bodily autonomy in all birth settings.


Images by Wild Ember Birth & Saddlepeak Birth

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